Basically, all we ask is common sense; yes, I know, that's a worse oxymoron than "rap music" or "military intelligence", which is why I've decided to spell things out to avoid any uncertainty.

  • Be polite.
  • Assume good faith; but
  • No spam or vandalism. Anyone who commits this will be blocked — permanently.
  • Don't edit anyone else's user page (except of course for the purpose of spam/vandalism control); if you need to leave a message for another user, that's what their user talk page is for. On other users' talk pages, edit only your own posts — not anyone else's.
  • All content added must be relevant to this wiki. This includes images. The sole exception is that users are allowed one purely personal image for their own user page; if this privilege gets abused it will be withdrawn.
  • Always remember to use templates where appropriate, for consistency of appearance and to ensure that pages are categorised properly.
  • Dates must be typed in a clear and unambiguous format; "April 1 2010", "1 April 2010" and "2010-04-01" are all acceptable, but "1/4/2010" is not (it could also mean the 4th of January).
  • Entries may be in British or American English; avoid any expression which might be unique to one or the other, but don't edit a page just to change the dialect of English used. Entries in other languages are not acceptable without a very good reason for them.
And finally:
  • Use (including editing) of this wiki is an affirmation that you have read these terms and have agreed to be bound by them.

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