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The cartoons and artwork of web cartoonist Barry T. Smith.

This wiki is about InkTank Studios, its owner Barry Smith, and its cartoons past and present, such as Angst Technology.

I can't be expected to create/maintain this all on my own, but hey, this a wiki; so you can pitch in as well! (Not sure how to edit wiki pages? Like all wikis, we have a friendly Sandbox to play in.)

Please note that this is not a place for discussion of InkTank Studios or of general topics; please use the forum for that. Discussion pages of articles should be used solely to improve the article.

Please note that this is a fan-created wiki and is not affiliated to InkTank, who are about 8,000 miles from where I live.


  • A favicon in the shape of the InkTank logo. Swipe the one from the site?
  • A graphic wordmark. For a page about a graphic site to have a plain text wordmark is a bit silly.
  • Lots of pages about the cartoons, their characters, possibly the more memorable strips, etc.
  • Loads of categories and templates to make creating and finding pages easier.
  • Pictures! I'm sure there are several of Barry in existence, at least one of which must be suitable as the infobox image for his character page.

Latest activityEdit

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